Subscription management systems

Bespoke subscription management systems

We have extensive experience in creating sysems for clients such as Fruitnet, a large international fresh produce portal site with extensive print publications, and Ethical Corporation, a magazine/think tank.

We're ashamed to say we've made entire departments redundant

Our systems allow you to reduce your subscriptions management department to one person.

System features:

Subscription packages are configured in the subscription management system, and then delivered through the front end interface. This interface can be customised in just about any way the client desires, from an E-commerce style shopping cart to subscription inforgraphics, and can be plugged into a myrida of 3rd party payment portals.

  • Subscription admin system

    Our subscription management system features a comprehensive admin suite that provides customised and saveable searches, full subscription option management, subscriber editing and history. It's been refined and streamlined through years of real user interaction feedback to provied a powerful and flexible suite of features.

  • Reports

    • Create your own custom reports to see things such as:
      • Repeat customers
      • Recent renewals
      • Outstanding payments
      • Monthly income
    • Reports can be saved, to run again at any time
    • Mailing house reports, allowing you to send the correct list of paid up subscribers for any edition quickly and easily to your mailing house
  • User search and edit

    • Filter rich search, allowing you to find a specific subscriber, or groups of subscribers that fit your criteria
    • Add subscriptions on behalf of subscriber if they are renewing by telephone/email
    • Issue invoices/receipts
    • Mark outstanding payments as complete, thus activating subscriptions
  • Database driven subscription packages

    • Subscription editions
    • Name & description
    • Custom subscription images
    • Duration
    • Cost
  • Online user registration and subscription choices

    • Choose from the following configurable options:
      • Group/Gift subscriptions
      • Package deal subscriptions
      • Individual subscriptions
    • Multi-currency capable system
    • Discount code system
    • Online credit card payment integration and invoice/bank transfer purchase options
      • Automatic PDF receipt or invoice
  • Automated subscription renewal

    • Configurable countdowns, that automatically send reminder emails with options to renew online or telephonically/via email
    • Final notice with option to renew
    • Notice of subscription cancellation

If you have any queries about how to radically improve the efficiency of your subscriptions system, please contact us.